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Posted by Rabjab - May 10th, 2010

Hello, I'm back on Newgrounds again!

Sorry I have been away from my account on NG... for a year now, but I thought it was about time I should get back on here!

As you all know, my last news post here was in May 2009, and what I said in that post has faded away. I will not be continuing with anything that I mentioned last time.
I'm currently working on a game with two others, but it is at a very early stage and cannot promise any completion of this project just yet. If this game goes ahead as planned then there might be a preview of it soon.

Lastly, I like working on more than one project at a time and I only have the one at the moment.
Please could someone post an idea of a flash movie or game that I could possibly have a go at. I'll respond to your ideas as soon as I can.

- Rabjab

Also, I have started getting into c# coding, I have done a few simple programs but I haven't got any ideas of projects to help me learn / practise the language.
If you have an idea of a simple windows application, please post your ideas.

Posted by Rabjab - May 2nd, 2009

I have got quite a few projects going on at the moment...

1) Madness Arena

Collab (Authors: Rabjab, Cooliam)
Style: Madness
Progress: Beggining

2) RPG game (not named yet)

Style: Over-Head RPG
Progress: Beggining

3) Ps2 Flash

Details on past post

I am sorry for the lack of submissions to newgrounds, but 3 new submissions should be coming soon...

Posted by Rabjab - April 18th, 2009

I have a few things to share with all you newgrounders.

1) I have quit cooliam's collab (d-day flash)

2) I have started a new animation with detailed artwork and different technique of animating

Lastest Flash
Name: None yet
Author(s): Only me at the moment
% of complete: 5%
Decription: Ps2 animation

Sorry for the small description, I don't want to give too much away at this early stage. But as progress moves on I will give you more of a description and more details.

Picture preview Coming Soon

Posted by Rabjab - January 3rd, 2009

Nothing really new at the moment NG but I will give you some previews soon on a platformer game Cooliam and I are making... It's gunna be great...
Updates soon so cya

Posted by Rabjab - December 12th, 2008


Well... I have started my Christmas Submission and it will hopefully be ready a few days before Christmas.
It is a new style of flash to me and I hope it will be as good as a madness... or a stick that I have done in the past... You will have to wait to find out!

Recent Flashes
I have made this, It is a very basic and simple Earth rotation. Please look at it and tell me if it is good...

I will be updating this post from now on, and I will Inform you with more news and previews of different things I have done...
You might even see a preview of the new Submission Cooliam and I are thinking of doing... It is called Where's Tramp and will be finished sometime it the new year...
(all the most recent updates of this post will appear under this heading)
Rabjab banner coming soon

Yes, my banner is in the making and will be on my NG page soon. I am also re-making a new signiture for my NG account... A preview of the banner and signature will be coming soon...

Keep checking this post every few days because it won't be long That I next update it...Byee Rabjab.

Next Post Update Expected: N/A

Posted by Rabjab - November 19th, 2008

Stuff....Stuff...Stuff... As there is nothing much to talk about I'm goingto talk about stuff...
At the moment I am having trouble with idea's for NG submissions...I might do a tutorial....I might do a game... Well to be honest have no idea...I'm working on a few scripts for games I have ben thinking of making. If you have any ideas of things I could do (or what you think I would do well) please make a comment on the post...
The world famous...( or nearly...well not even nearly famous)

Posted by Rabjab - October 26th, 2008

Hi People of Newgrounds!!...
Halloween is coming and it's the halloween theme on Newgrounds... Muahaha....
My next submission will be a halloween movie I am using Madness People In a halloween style. Please don't copy me! I will give you a preview but if my idea's get stolen I will get annoyed!...
Please tell me if you like the preview and please vote on my next submission...

Byee, Rabjab

WOW...I used the word 'Halloween' alot in this post!... Oh well

I will change the preview picture if it is a bad copy...


Posted by Rabjab - October 16th, 2008

Yay...I'm really glad I have got good reviews on my last flash 'A Madness Short By Rabjab' AND It's made its way through the portal...Also with not a bad score...!
My Next movie will be a madness and it's a follow-up from my last one... And you will find out what happens in the club and what happens to Hank!

I will try and make a movie In time for the Halloween Theme but I'm not sure about what it's going to be about...,

P.S::: There is still a few things that i need help with on flash...including: Artwork, Programming and some other things that I can't really think of right now... If someone can help me PM me or Leave a comment!