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2009-04-18 07:02:53 by Rabjab

I have a few things to share with all you newgrounders.

1) I have quit cooliam's collab (d-day flash)

2) I have started a new animation with detailed artwork and different technique of animating

Lastest Flash
Name: None yet
Author(s): Only me at the moment
% of complete: 5%
Decription: Ps2 animation

Sorry for the small description, I don't want to give too much away at this early stage. But as progress moves on I will give you more of a description and more details.

Picture preview Coming Soon


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2009-04-18 08:30:34

ps2 animation? as in playstation game? there is a playstation collab round int he forums sumwhere, check it out. aw collabs are fun mate, get into em =) they improve your animating, they get you use to working on a deadline, and working as a team =) can't go wrong have fun =)

Rabjab responds:

Thanks... This is along with another project I am working on :) I think I will get on a collab soon.
Thanks for the comment :)