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2008-12-12 12:51:54 by Rabjab


Well... I have started my Christmas Submission and it will hopefully be ready a few days before Christmas.
It is a new style of flash to me and I hope it will be as good as a madness... or a stick that I have done in the past... You will have to wait to find out!

Recent Flashes
I have made this, It is a very basic and simple Earth rotation. Please look at it and tell me if it is good...

I will be updating this post from now on, and I will Inform you with more news and previews of different things I have done...
You might even see a preview of the new Submission Cooliam and I are thinking of doing... It is called Where's Tramp and will be finished sometime it the new year...
(all the most recent updates of this post will appear under this heading)
Rabjab banner coming soon

Yes, my banner is in the making and will be on my NG page soon. I am also re-making a new signiture for my NG account... A preview of the banner and signature will be coming soon...

Keep checking this post every few days because it won't be long That I next update it...Byee Rabjab.

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2008-12-15 17:20:14

So what is it? A madness xmas toon or a stick one? Anyway can't wait too see it!

Good luck with the banner.

Rabjab responds: