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2008-10-16 11:10:46 by Rabjab

Yay...I'm really glad I have got good reviews on my last flash 'A Madness Short By Rabjab' AND It's made its way through the portal...Also with not a bad score...!
My Next movie will be a madness and it's a follow-up from my last one... And you will find out what happens in the club and what happens to Hank!

I will try and make a movie In time for the Halloween Theme but I'm not sure about what it's going to be about...,

P.S::: There is still a few things that i need help with on flash...including: Artwork, Programming and some other things that I can't really think of right now... If someone can help me PM me or Leave a comment!


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2008-10-17 16:46:45